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Jeju Sasa Tea

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  • MaterialSasa Borealis


  • South Korea South Korea
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Scientific Name : Sasa Borealis grow only in Hanla Mountain of Jeju island in Korea

                         which is biosphere protection zone designated by UNESCO.. 

                         It is different kinds and the smallest Bamboo in Jeju island and it was

                         believed to be better than Ginseng tea according to old book.       

 Ingredient :

1. Sap(Juice) :  100% extracted from Sasa Borealis / You can mix 100% sap with water

2. Tea       :  99.8% extracted from Sasa Borealis 


 Major component in Sasa Borealis :

 It contains Vitamin K, Calcium, Vitamin B1, Protein, Amino acid, Polyphenol, Chlorophyl, Mineral


   1. Sap(Juice)  : 300ml, 500ml, 545ml packed in plastic bottle and glass bottle

   2. Tea        : 340ml packed in Plastic bottle.  

 International Certification



It is very good for symptoms such as Atopy, High blood Pressure, Diabetes, Gastritis, Stomach Ulcer,

Duodenal Ulcer, Chronic Hepatitis) and it even has Removal of fever, detoxification, sterilization effect,  

Diuretic effect, Anti-cancer Properties.   

Pregnant women can drink this tea because they can suffer from morning sickness. 








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health drink

health drink

Jeju Sasa Tea

Jeju Sasa Tea

Jeju Sasa Tea